November 9, 2019 Alice

Say salut to our new cocktails

The temperature in Méribel has dropped considerably and winter is fast approaching. Some would argue it’s already arrived, snow on the ground counts as winter right? Either way, before we know it lifts will be running and LDV doors will be open, offering you shelter from the cold. But we are here to provide more than just respite from subzero temperatures. Once you’re inside, there’s the all important decision of which beverage you’ll choose to warm the cockles.

As well as offering up your classic winter warmers; boozy hot chocolates, vin chaud, Glenmorangie hot toddies and Irish coffees, we will also have a splendid selection of cocktails to be enjoyed day or night. They may not be hot but they’ll certainly warm the soul.

This year, we’ve added some downright delicious yet simple concoctions that we believed deserved a place on our menu. Here is a sneak peak at 3 of our faves…

Mint Julep

An iconic bourbon cocktail and the traditional drink of the Kentucky Derby. Super simple and about as refreshing as whiskey cocktails come. All you need is a good quality bourbon, sugar syrup and some fresh mint for this quintessential Southern cocktail.

Refreshing Mint Julep

Refreshing Mint Julep. Credit: @patrickw0110


Clover Club

Gin and raspberry. A match made in heaven? Or rather in Philadelphia in 1896. This beautifully balanced pre-prohibition classic is perfect for those who like a fruity number. Rich and silky in texture, sweet and sour in taste, this pretty in pink cocktail will tickle your taste buds in all the right ways.

Fruity Clover Club

Fruity Clover Club. Credit: @patrickw0110


Long Island Ice Teas are so 2000s. Introducing the Zombie, a popular tiki cocktail not for the faint hearted. Filled with 3 different kinds of rum and a medley of fruit juice, you could say it’s powerful enough to raise the dead. There are many variations, but we reckon our recipe is killer.

Killer Zombie Cocktail.

Killer Zombie. Credit: @patrickw0110

Of course, if you’re the kinda person who knows what they want, our bartenders will be more than happy to shake, stir or muddle a classic for you. After all, you can’t go wrong with an espresso martini or a mojito. If we’ve got it, chances are we can make it!

See you at the bar.

Al x