October 25, 2019 Alice

10 Things to Take Away from Oktoberfest 2019 (at LDV)

After 2 successful years, Lodge du Village once again transformed it’s terrace into Meribel’s very own Bavarian beer tent for Oktoberfest 2019! Here are just a few lessons learnt from this year’s spectacular event… (I’m sure the were a few sore heads the next day, reminding us of other important life lessons)

1. Bavarian beer tents aren’t just reserved for the streets of Munich, Meribel Village suits one quite nicely.

2. Steins are a great vessel of choice for beer. Especially German lager. You can essentially pour 4 pints at once, as Pat did so beautifully

3. And what is washed down well with German lager? A feast of pork schnitzel and giant pretzels of course. Naturally, banquet style tables are the way forward when it comes to German feasts.

4. No Oktoberfest is complete without live music, and the Blazin’ Strings ft. Fernando make an awesome ensemble

5. Hammerschlagen may be a ‘simple’ game of driving a nail into a lump of wood. But it’s not as easy as it sounds and turns out carpenters are the worst at it. Who doesn’t love some beautiful irony. Oh, and loser has to buy the shots.

6. Oktoberfest is the only occasion where it is acceptable to play jagerbomb pong… you only imagine how this ended.

7. Jez strangely suits a pair of lederhosen, perhaps there’s some German heritage he’s not telling us about?

8. That being said, lederhosen aren’t just for men.

9. But then, on the other hand, not everyone can pull off a dirndl.

10.  It’s hands-down the best event of the interseason, and Oktoberfest is sure to be back at LDV next year!


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